Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching targets the self-development of Senior Managers, Directors and Executives within the business. Allowing personal growth in work and personal capabilities that can enhance individual and organisational performance.

“The art of facilitating another person’s learning, development, well-being and performance. Coaching raises self-awareness and identifies choices” (J. Rogers, Coaching Skills, 4th edition, 2016)

Following an initial introductory session, the Executive Coaching programme will, typically, consist of a number (frequently 6) 2-hour long sessions to fully explore all aspects of self-development and performance.

Individual Mentoring

Mentoring is a process of semi-structured guidance where one person shares their knowledge, skills and experience in support of another’s progress in their own careers and life.

It is helping to motivate and empower and support an individual in identifying their own issues and goals, and, equally importantly, helping them to find ways of resolving or reaching them.

Mentoring sessions typically last 2 hours and can be an on-going collaboration, providing that is mutually agreeable.

Business Consulting

The Business Consulting environment is an opportunity to have your business looked at with a fresh pair of eyes, an external yet sympathetic view of how you could reshape or reposition elements of your business and or its processes to improve overall performance. 

By fully understanding your key business drivers, goals and objectives a process can be initiated to create the right conditions of improved productivity, enhanced performance and growth.