Empathy & Synergy

In order to make sure of the best possible synergy between us, our first steps together will be to have a conversation about the key aspects of your business and agree a way forward.

You may wish to address leadership elements of your senior executives or you might seek to develop a more inclusive or open culture within the business.

Whichever ‘people based’ or organisational aspects you choose, I am able to support your personnel or your organisation with bespoke interventions that are structured to deliver optimum outcomes specifically tailored to meet your specific development needs and goals.

Excellence and Professionalism 


Caring passionately about dealing with individuals and organisations with respect and integrity are fundamental to the Cquence approach.

Building ethically focused, trust based relationships to ensure that excellence is in the organisation’s ‘DNA’ is critical to the success of the work I do. Seeking at all times to be highly professional the work I undertake in respect of coaching and mentoring is underpinned by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and there Global Code of Ethics (https://www.emccouncil.org/quality/ethics/)

Passion and Values

Being passionate and highly engaged with the core principles and values of coaching, mentoring or organisational development it is possible for me to deliver cogent, meaningful and focused work that delivers true value across individual relationships and or the business at large.

With a strong and deep conviction of the value of the work I do, you can be assured that my energy will be focused on producing the best possible results for you, your team and your business.